The Urban Fisherman

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A 4lb 8oz Brown Trout caught just 200m from the Thames in London

So why the Urban Fisherman? In 2013 I moved into an apartment in Wandsworth, London and immediately began looking for places in the sprawling metropolis that I could fish. I had seen that the River Wandle flowed just meters from my front door but had assumed that amongst the trolleys and traffic cones there would be no fish... Previously I had only fished commercial waters and the prospect of fishing a river was daunting, especially one running through a city! How wrong I was, the fishing was amazing. From coarse to Trout I never had a bad day and learnt that travelling light with specific gear for the species I wanted to target was the way forward. But as I looked for places elsewhere it became increasingly to difficult to find stretches that I could fish for free or even fish at all, so I decided to launch this site in the summer of 2015 to find the hidden swims (be they river or lake) to fish; ideally with just my EA licence in hand.

Times have changed and the Urban Fisherman now lives in suburbia! This site however remains an homage to its humble beginnings. My style of fishing light (as you must in a city) remains, I am the Urban Fisherman who seeks hidden stretches which I can snurgle into and catch fish! That is what I will try to cover with this site. But I will also write about my other fishing, be that fly fishing on little chalk streams or finding affordable day tickets at local lakes. Key to my fishing is my mantra that it should be first and foremost a challenge and secondly it must be affordable and accessible by all those who visit this site.

Chris Williams

July 2016 

Latest Session

Location: Whistley Mill, Sonning Eye, Englefield Lagoon & Moatlands

Water: Lake (Gravel Pits)

Cost: RDAA Membership (

Date: May 2017

Target Species: Pike

Technique: Lure Fishing

Result: 30(+) Pike!!