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River Colne @ Staines Moor

Being very open with little cover the River Colne on Staines Moor is a tricky place to fish. In summer it weeds up more than any other river i have ever seen and in winter you are very exposed to the elements.

It is worth it though! In summer you need to roam the length of the river finding holes in the weed to fish. I recommend jigging or drop shooting for perch or fly fishing for the Chub, Dace and Roach. In winter i fish a more traditional method for the Chub and Barbel, find the deeper runs and you will find the fish!

I have also seen some nice River Carp in water no deeper than there own body depth!

The Colne is tough, it is also a pleasure to fish. Stick with it, it will be worth it!

The River Wandle

With the river running about 75yds from my front door when i lived in Wandsworth, I have become fascinated with it over the last 3 years. With free fishing along its full length (with the exception of Mordon Hall) you simply can't get better brook fishing in South London.

I have personally caught Barbel (up to 8lb 12oz), Chub (up to 3lb 8oz), Brown Trout (up to 4lb 8oz), Rainbow Trout (up to 3lb 2oz), Roach (up to alb), Dace (up to 7oz), HUGE Gudgeon (up to 2oz) and an infinite number of Minnows. However, i have also seen Eel, Pike, Perch, Koi Carp, Ghost Carp, Mirror Carp and Goldfish; there are also reported catches of Tench and Grayling.

If you believe it there is speculation of Wells Catfish in certain stretches.....

Fishing the Wandle requires light tactics, so often i see people fishing leads over an Oz with hooks under size 10. I have found that light leads and hook sizes of 10 and above result in the best bags. For the Barbel 'trundle', don't keep your lead static, you won't catch!

My targets for the 2016/17 season on the Wandle:

1) Barbel over 10lb

2) Chub over 5lb

3) Brownie over 5lb

4) Any Carp!

5) Any Tench! 

Finch Farm Fishery

Since i moved out of London this fishery has become my go to for lake fishing for coarse fish. It has 3 lakes each packed with fish. Anaconda 1 holds the Catfish, the best baits for these fish (which grow to over 40lbs!) are deadbeats and pellets, the bigger the better!

The website (Link) gives you all the details you need!

The Wraysbury River / Duke of Northumberland River

Running under the M4 and next to Heathrow airport you will be surprised by how quiet this little London river is. The fishing is good; although i have only fished there twice.

I have caught Chub (up to 1lb 3oz), Perch, Bream, Pike, Dace and Roach. The most numerous fish (by my experience) are the perch!

I have seen Pike (chasing my dace) to around 10lb.

My knowledge isn't great on this one, more to follow!